Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Prompt V response

here's my (admittedly lacklustre) response to "when I woke up on the train..."

I was going to do something entirely different, but I got to thinking about how Leiji Matsumoto's Galaxy Express 999 concepts, and Kenji Miyazawa's novella Night on the Galactic Railroad really inspire me. I've been wanting to do a retelling of the latter for a long time, using my own characters.

This part would be towards the end, when the train is approaching the "Coal Sack", and Campanella (here, Chimera) disappears.

Do you like my kindergartener-level trains 8D?


  1. I like it :O!!!

    Though I can barely make out the first and last panels. D: My screen is full of glare, so not your fault probably. Love the ray of light in the middle panel *w*

  2. MmmMmmMmm I always love your color choices, despite how dark they are. They work so well together thought to create such an atmosphere. C:

    And I like your kindergartener-level trains! :D Makes me want to go play with some.

  3. Oh, but isn't that what all trains look like when we dream of them?

    ...hmm. I could say that about any subject your artwork depicts, rly.

  4. oh man yeah this is super dark AHAHA sorry! I think now that I've let it sit for a while, I might go over it with some more clarity... can't promise that the trains will get any better though, hah.

    naomi, you flatterer. what am I supposed to do with this.

  5. Guuuh you draw night scenes so well. Even with the picture being so dark the stars and gas show JUST SO, it is amazing!

  6. Psh, don't sweat the trains, they read exactly as they should. Man, I totally want on this awesome midnight sky train. * n *.. .