Monday, December 21, 2009

Prompt V and Prompt IV info

Hello everyone. Prompt IV ("All Things Beautiful") is still due TOMORROW, Tuesday 12/22/09, by midnight CST. I posted it late last week, so there you go.

But for next MONDAY, your prompt, Prompt V, is to expand on this:

"When I woke up on the train..."

(if you choose to respond with prose, no, that definitely does not have to be your first sentence.)

And that's that. If you're celebrating any holidays, I hope you all are having or will have very happy ones!


  1. I know I haven't posted anything yet, but I would just like to say that you're doing a great job coming up with the prompts! Almost all of them so far have sent my mind spinning with ideas right away.

    P.S. - The first thing I thought of when I read this prompt was the Trans-Siberian Railroad. In fact, I wrote something that started with almost that exact same phrase (except in Russian) when I was on it a few years ago. Then, I noticed the labels on this post. Creepy!

  2. If I can get my hands on a sketchbook this week I'll be all over this. Hell, if I can't get one I'll probably still use the idea later!