Sunday, December 6, 2009

Prompt II Response

I find my bed to be really safe and comforting place. You can just bury yourself in blankets and pillows and no one (usually, haha) bothers you. This character, Raphael, is also comforting for me to draw.
Not much to say about my home except that there is a disconnect because of where I live during school. It's just a house where I happen to put my shit in and not really a 'home' If that makes sense!


  1. gorgeous as always Seta~ seriously! haha, your art is MY idea of comfort! I just want to wrap up in your flowing lines and soft colours.

    I'm so literal-minded that I didn't even approach the idea that a character or something equally intangible, yet highly personal, could be represented as a comfort figure in the same way a cozy bed is. Really sweet idea.

  2. I absolutely love the colors in this piece. They are so warm and soothing and convey the feeling perfectly~
    Beautiful job <3

  3. Seta! I met you at Saboten-con! :D I'm one of Reca's many friends who liked to point at a banana and find other banana friends for the lonely banana! >3< /creepy

    Gorgeous art! ;o; Your line quality makes me want to have ... line ... babies? Regardless, I can stare at this for hours (but I won't (and I'm just saying that to be less creepy)). ;o;

  4. Omg, so crazy! I totally remember you and the banana antics xD! So weird running into you here. Haha.

    Thank yoooouu * u *