Monday, December 7, 2009

Prompt II Response

I find comfort in almost being somewhere, whether it's my home in Sorrento, the UVic Residences, or visiting a friend elsewhere. The possibility of finding exactly what you're looking for exists and you know for certain that everything will be wonderful and fantastic.
It's the same feeling I get from walking under orangey city lights alone at night with their light reflected in the sky above me, or standing by the ocean, or listening to "Solsbury Hill." This sense that life is beautiful and perfect and that I can do or be anything I want.
Anyway this is pretty much the hills just before you get into Kamloops, where my parents were picking me up after I came home at reading break. The lights of the city were reflected in the clouds overhead and everything felt huge and exciting.
(Sorry it's so terrible; I'm not really used to digital media and I only just found out my scanner doesn't work.)


  1. Hee! I feel the same about Solsbury Hill.

    Wow, you are way better with your mouse/trackpad than I ever was/am, seriously.

    I think it's really interesting that your comfort/home piece is reflecting part of the outside world, rather than a construct. You make it sound really beautiful indeed~ I can imagine it's a very peaceful and calming atmosphere under those lights with an ocean breeze blowing~

  2. I am *digging* that sky. :D
    I grew up on in Alberta, so I saw a lot of skies like that on the prairies. Wonderfully nostalgic, awesome job!~