Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Prompt II Response from Machi

Machinari here, breaking in and probably messing up. >< I have no idea who the speaker is, but he's probably either bald, or a nudist with a mohawk. Yay inspiration...? Um.

"There aren't many comforts around for people like us. We gave up our homes a long time ago, escaping the cities and human company in favor of the unexplored jungles, where civilized men would never dream of walking. There is death there, they say, as the metallic cities siphon away their spirits and leave them there, nothing more than plodding masses of warm flesh where a human once stood.

Somehow, we find jungle death far more appealing. Out there, we at least know when we're dead. For the city-dwellers, it could take years, decades, whatever, oblivious as they are. They walk along their routine for their whole lives without realizing that they have none. Their ways suit them, and ours suit us. For them, home is security, comfort is monotony, happiness is sleep. It isn't a dishonorable life, but not one that we could ever be a part of.

For us, home is wherever we can see the wind ruffle the feathers of our falcons, or seeing the moon in its cold glory. Comfort is a successful hunt, or living through another day. Happiness is wading into the stream when the fish are thick, or the wildness in running beneath our companions as they dive, the beast from land and beast from air. It's different, it's living, it's feeling hot blood pounding through our veins, blood that has stagnated within our 'civilized' counterparts. It's freedom that's home for us, and death before I give it up."



  1. Whoever the speaker is, he is all sorts of awesome. :D I LOVE the last sentence, It's freedom that's home for us, and death before I give it up. fffffffffffff LOVE

  2. Very well written! I really like it :>

  3. Thankies! ^^ Lawl @ hastily written braindoodles. x3