Monday, November 30, 2009

PROMPT II: [WEEKLY] Home/Comfort

This is the second prompt, for a WEEKLY challenge. The month-long theme is of course still going on. Bear in mind that because these are weekly, less is being demanded of you (pretend like anything was being demanded of you in the first place). Sketches and doodles are welcome, as always.

"Home" and "Comfort". They don't always equal one another. What is home to you? What comforts you? Is home a feeling, a person, an object, or a construct?

Again, be as literal or metaphorical as you like. There are no limits.

Your deadline is DECEMBER SEVENTH.

PROMPT I: Winter Journey

It is after midnight (central time)! You know what this means, all!

Now the moon through fog that shivers
Makes its way across the night,
Soaking melancholy meadows
In a melancholy light.

Down the road through dismal winter,
My quick carriage carries on
Where the sleigh-bell's tuneless tinkle
Is a numbing monotone.

Notes familiar in the music
Of the coachman's winding song
Go from debonair carousal
To lamenting lovers' wrong.

Neither hut nor glowing window....
Snow and hinterland... My eye
Merely marks the ciphered mileposts
Coming close and going by.

    - alexander pushkin, full-length poem here

This prompt is entirely OPTIONAL. It is the first one, so please, absolutely do NOT stress out over it. Make as small and minimalistic a sketch, or as elaborate of a piece, as you like. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ILLUSTRATE THE POEM! It is just there as a simple prompt and you can contort it to your own means and destroy its original meaning if you want.

And... Go! The deadline is DECEMBER 31st.

QUESTION FOR YOU: Do you want just the monthly prompt, or would you like some weekly ones going on as well now/later on? You would not be pressured to do these, just there for funsies.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Intro II: Authors

Hey everyone, supply/check your emails if you want to be able to post under your own name in this blog. Apparently I need emails rather than simply your usernames. If you don't feel comfortable posting them here, feel free to email me at

If you don't want to be made an author, when you finish your piece and would like it to be uploaded I can put it up under your name (with or without your contact info depending on your preference). Just let me know! I wouldn't mind doing that at all.

I'd like to post the first theme/excerpt/something tomorrow as sort of a jumpstart/demo of what will hopefully come later.


There are plenty of communities out there on the internet that are for sharing the things you find on said internet. There aren't as many communities that revolve around the response to what we find inspiring and interesting.

My idea is that this place will focus on the artist's response to a theme, weekly or monthly. A basic paragraph or a simple word, a photograph or some other kind of image, a piece of music, anything. And you can choose to respond with whatever kind of medium you prefer, be it any of the aformentioned or something else. Your favourite medium, or perhaps something you have yet to feel comfortable with. There is no limit to how or what you use.

It does not have to be a finished piece. It's entirely your call as to how simple or complicated it is, what you use, how you choose to approach the subject, whether it is a negative or positive response, how metaphorical/symbolical or literal your piece is, it is all entirely up to you. You can post works in progress, or you can save the final product for the very last minute.

I want this to be built around, for, and by the people involved.
Hang tight while I work out some logistics. If you have any ideas at all please share them here, I would love some input!