Saturday, December 19, 2009

Prompt IV Response

Our last morning was peaceful. The animals had laid down and died the night before, and from my windowsill I could see them in the fields- sheep, horses, cats, even flocks of birds, who had laid upon the earth to fall asleep and had never gotten up again. The morning dew had pushed up innumerable flowers around them, as if to say "goodbye, goodbye, goodbye," and I smiled and whispered my own farewells along with them.

You have all been so good to me. You have been such good friends. I will always think of you so fondly.

The sky was beginning to melt like butter across the mountains and the valleys, and there was no suffering where it fell, golden, soft, and silent. Heaven was coming down to meet me, and I nodded and let a tear roll down my cheek.

There will never be another day like this one.

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  1. Felix I love this. It's really sad, not... totally outright but there's this haunting presence of bittersweet sadness and relief. And I can see it all in my head. You are so eloquent. Reading any bits of your writing is always a pleasure.