Tuesday, February 23, 2010

March Monthly Prompt Info :: CONTEST!!

Hey guys. I let everyone have an extension, so if you wanted to finish up your Labyrinth prompt you were more than welcome to, and if you still want to get something in before the 28th, now is your chance.

Because guess what.

I've decided that March's monthly prompt will beeee A CONTEST! The winner(s) will be determined by viewer's choice in a poll. The winner will get to request art from me! It will be in this style (ie my version of a chibi):

1st prize - Two of your characters/whoever's characters interacting, full coloured with basic background like the above.

2nd prize - One of your characters fully coloured.

3rd prize - Sketch of your character.

More info (as well as the prompt) coming as I get this all worked out. Drop some comments and let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions/issues/kittens.



    Oh also, I'm wondering if there is some option turned off in this blog that is not allowing updates to show in my blogspot folder? Because I haven't gotten a single update of this blog whenever I check my main blogger page. Is anyone else getting them? :O Or maybe I have some option turned off. MUST INVESTIGATE!

  2. I love how the tags for this entry seem to say "Ciaran is late all the time contest". I'm pretty sure that there is a comma in there somewhere, no?

    Anyway, I am thuper excited for a contesty type thing, as it will give me something to do! Um... prompt. This weekend. I can wait, I can wait. *sits on hands*

  3. The only problem with the viewer's poll choice is it may turn out to be a popularity contest. :/

  4. Hmm, I guess that's possible... I guess I'm just optimistic enough to hope that it wouldn't, but I'll try to think of other means of judging where I alone wouldn't be the judge.