Monday, November 30, 2009

PROMPT I: Winter Journey

It is after midnight (central time)! You know what this means, all!

Now the moon through fog that shivers
Makes its way across the night,
Soaking melancholy meadows
In a melancholy light.

Down the road through dismal winter,
My quick carriage carries on
Where the sleigh-bell's tuneless tinkle
Is a numbing monotone.

Notes familiar in the music
Of the coachman's winding song
Go from debonair carousal
To lamenting lovers' wrong.

Neither hut nor glowing window....
Snow and hinterland... My eye
Merely marks the ciphered mileposts
Coming close and going by.

    - alexander pushkin, full-length poem here

This prompt is entirely OPTIONAL. It is the first one, so please, absolutely do NOT stress out over it. Make as small and minimalistic a sketch, or as elaborate of a piece, as you like. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ILLUSTRATE THE POEM! It is just there as a simple prompt and you can contort it to your own means and destroy its original meaning if you want.

And... Go! The deadline is DECEMBER 31st.

QUESTION FOR YOU: Do you want just the monthly prompt, or would you like some weekly ones going on as well now/later on? You would not be pressured to do these, just there for funsies.


  1. Yay! :D And neat poem too!

    I think small, weekly prompts would be good! :D Even if they're something quick like, "Listen to this/these songs and sketch something for the duration of the song" or something more detailed, or whatever~ It'd be fun!

  2. Ooh, and I'll be able to get home to my paints and canvases by then!

    Lovely poem. I'm really excited for this.

    Weekly prompts would be cool, also.

  3. Smaller super easy weekly themes would be kind of neat too. For those of us that would like to update once a week >u< (even to have something to throw into our normal sketch blogs)...

  4. Should I post the weekly one tomorrow then, or later today? I mean, if no one minds me being a crazy dictator. I'd love for people to be able to post work sooner if they feel motivated to do so (I know I want to).

  5. As the author of this particular translation (and maintainer of the blog where you found it,) I'm immensely flattered! As well as interested in seeing what others may make of it in more visual media.

  6. I like the idea of having weekly prompts going on in between the month long ones so if we're stumped or finish the longer one early we've still got something to keep us productive.

  7. Ah hey!! I'm so happy you stopped by, I should really have left a comment on the original entry, I just realised. Would you like to be credited in a more formal fashion, also?

    I'm interested in seeing how it turns out, too! Thanks for having such wonderful pieces available at your site.

  8. Great poem :] Seems like the weekly prompt would create more activity and thus more lovely art. With it up now, just have to choose which one to tackle first~

  9. You linked to the original page, and that suffices. There's no need to credit me any further than that. The reason why I write my translations on a blog without appending my name to them (rather than, say, publishing them in magazines) is to offer them to the internet and all its users. People should feel free to use the poems as they see fit.

  10. ...this looks like fun :3
    Do we need to sign up to any kind of list of participants to join in?

  11. I just need your email is all, so I can invite you to be an author (so that you can post under your own name) :D