Sunday, November 29, 2009


There are plenty of communities out there on the internet that are for sharing the things you find on said internet. There aren't as many communities that revolve around the response to what we find inspiring and interesting.

My idea is that this place will focus on the artist's response to a theme, weekly or monthly. A basic paragraph or a simple word, a photograph or some other kind of image, a piece of music, anything. And you can choose to respond with whatever kind of medium you prefer, be it any of the aformentioned or something else. Your favourite medium, or perhaps something you have yet to feel comfortable with. There is no limit to how or what you use.

It does not have to be a finished piece. It's entirely your call as to how simple or complicated it is, what you use, how you choose to approach the subject, whether it is a negative or positive response, how metaphorical/symbolical or literal your piece is, it is all entirely up to you. You can post works in progress, or you can save the final product for the very last minute.

I want this to be built around, for, and by the people involved.
Hang tight while I work out some logistics. If you have any ideas at all please share them here, I would love some input!

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