Monday, January 18, 2010

Prompt VI Response


A couple years ago me and some friends made this derpy superhero universe. One of the archnemesis..'s of the three "superheroes" was Toy Soldier, who was actually a guy who worked in a hobby shop the main heroes messed with a lot, and he could make toys come to life and shit. And they totally knew each others secret identities but they're too retarded to you know, make use of that. They just liked to go into each others work places and be all "HURR HURR YOU ARE DUMB I'MA KILL YOU LATER. AFTER I GET OFF WORK AND GO HOME AND EAT DINNER AND FEED MY PETS IDK MAYBE TOMORROW INSTEAD. IS THAT GOOD FOR YOU?"

Basically my train of thought was: doomsday device = super heroes = really ridiculous villains with weather machines = this retarded universe = toy soldier with DOOMSDAY TOY (which was going to be like Voltron or some shit but turned into Raggedy Ann IDKKKK)